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Double Glazing York are a window company that aim to offer and assist customers with the best high performance double glazed windows York can offer, with results that are energy efficient, long lasting and cost friendly. Our service and experience in double glazing spanning decades has given strong foothold in the market providing excellent products with top notch quality that is highly satisfying to the customers.

Double Glazing York is a comprehensively insured business. When you work with us at Double Glazing York, the results you seek are all that is promised.

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Why our High Performance Double Glazing Windows in York are the first choice here at Double Glazing York A double glazed window is constructed using two glass panes with a spacer bar and seals in between to make it airtight.

The cavity width in between the two panes is filled with air or another gas.

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Combined with the space bar and the type gas filling used, it's a determinant of how energy efficient and UV-and-noise repellent a double glazed window will be. To ensure our double glazed windows are well constructed to provide energy conserving efficiency, we use different kinds of gases at Double Glazing York in the hollow spaces between frames.Argon, though it costs 5% more, has excellent insulation properties compared to air.

Argon, though it costs 5% more, has excellent insulation properties compared to air.

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Our team of designers and installers at Double Glazing York, are not only talented; they are devoted and vastly informed with the useful information needed to successfully complete all projects. We use experience and commitment to deliver superior double glazed windows that maintain the advantages of double glazing and work with many window designs such as double hung windows, casements, canopy and sliders or as per your stipulations.

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There are gases with better thermal efficiency such as Krypton and Xenon but they come with a larger price tag. Thermal insulation is the outcome of air tightness in double glazed windows; due to it, the shift of inbound and outbound heat is reduced by 50%.

The airtight product provides extra thermal insulation and and reduce incoming and outgoing head by up to 50%! This means that buildings fitted with double glazed windows require a lot less energy to heat or cool themselves.

High End Double Glazed Windows York For Double Glazed Windows

The energy saving feature in the High Performance Double Glazing Window York is due the glass giving off less heat. The transparent, metallic coating on the glass allows heat to be cast back into your building maintaining its cosy warmth.

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